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Division of Kultura Zvuka - KZ EVENTS provide acoustic systems for your event and organize a party for any events in which high-quality music content and sound are important. If you want to organize a corporate party, symposium, seminar, training, exhibition, master class, presentation, wedding, birthday or any other event, and at this event you need a sound system, DJ equipment or music part, you are on the right page. We will help you to choose and install the sound system and the necessary musical equipment, pick up DJs and musicians according to your musical taste.

Sound Culture has implemented many projects, ranging from small parties in KULTURA ZVUKA STUDIYA, ZHIVOT, DVOR, PIPA, ART AREA DK, KAMALAYA clubs, to large-scale urban events YAMA, Academy of Visual Arts Party and PLAN B festivals. We are using acoustics systems VOID Acoustics, Electro-Voice, JBL, Earthquake. DJ and musical equipment Allen & Heath, Pioneer, Technics. For more information about VOID speakers, you can read article below. We will deliver, connect, configure, technically accompany and prepare technical riders invited to play DJs and musicians.

Void Acoustics develops, manufactures and distributes advanced professional audio systems worldwide. Void Acoustics is recognized as one of the leaders of the world club sound. Before choosing a sound, we conducted tests and listened to the sound of various acoustic systems, and we finally choose the acoustics of VOIR Air Motion, which we propose to use at your party. Hi-End VOID Air Motion three-band horn speaker system and VOID Stasys Xair horn subwoofer with two 18 "speakers, assembled manually at a factory in England. The amplifier of this system is amplified by a 9000W VOID Bios amplifier and three-band top amplifier - VOID Bias VQ rated at 2x1250W. The sound is controlled by the BOSE ControlSpace SP-24 processor. In addition to the perfect sound, this system decorates your party with its futuristic design. World-famous clubs are powered by VOID speaker systems: STUDIO 338 in London, EDEN, ROCKS, SUNKEYS, OCEAN BEACH in Ibiza LAB in New York, Los Angeles e and London, MONARCH and TEMPLE in San Francisco, BLITZ in Munich.

Our offers

VOID Air Motion
Sound system rental

The top clubs in the world are powered by Void Air Motion sound system. You can make your party with world-class sound quality.

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Electro-Voice, JBL, Earthquake

We can help you to choose the audio system for your event, placement or stage, in accordance with your budget and wishes.

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DJ, light, fog, projectors and other equipment rental

Mixiers, CD players and turntables, microphones, LED spotlights, smoke machines, projector for your party.

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Party Organization

We can choose, deliver and connect all the necessary equipment. The team of booking agency - Kultura Zvuka - KZ BOOKING will make a line-up, taking into account your musical wishes.

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  • VOID Air Motion
    Sound system rental
  • Electro-Voice, JBL, Earthquake
  • DJ, light, fog, projectors and other equipment rental
  • Party Organization
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